Seventh Annual Running of the Blueberry Cove 13.1 Half Marathon

Sunday, August 27, 7:30 a.m. Seventh annual running of the Blueberry Cove 13.1 (half marathon). Please cheer on the runners and drive slowly when you see them. The course goes from Harts Neck Road to 131, Wallston Road, Turkey Cove Road, Glenmere, Port Clyde Village, Factory Road, Marshall Point (both ways) Drift Inn Beach Road, 131 and back to Blueberry Cove on Harts Neck. About 200 runners may show up. More are registered. Every participant receives a porcelain medallion and blueberry-themed brunch. All proceeds benefit kids attending the University of Maine 4-H camps at Blueberry Cove and Tanglewood. Volunteers are needed! Call Steve Cartwright 372-6534.

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