Neighborhood Access Paths

Neighborhood Access Paths are provided by owners to neighbors and those who are close enough to walk to the footpaths. The footpaths offer shorefront, vistas, locales for artwork, and other opportunities for outdoor experiences in special places. The owners offer the paths voluntarily and the paths and property itself remain private. There are general rules that apply to all paths, and specific rules that express individual preferences of each owner for use of his or her path. Please read below for the general access path rules and follow the link for specific rules for using them. If you are interested in joining the Neighborhood Access Path program with a path of your own, please contact us.

St. George Neighborhood Access Paths

General Rules for using Neighborhood Access Paths

Neighborhood Access Paths is a collaborative project of the Friends of St. George¬†and land owners in St. George, Maine. These generous owners offer paths that provide scenic vistas and hiking opportunities to neighbors and friends within walking distance. Each path is different and each owner will have different requests regarding use. General rules for use are below. Specific rules for each path are included in that particular path’s description.
To find out more about the NAP project and how you can participate contact Friends of St. George, PO Box 472, Tenants Harbor, Maine 04860.

You can identify the Neighbor Access Path (NAP) by the sign at the head of the path. A dragon symbol and the words Neighborhood Access Path will mark the start of a trail or scenic spot. If the dragon marker is not at the head of the NAP, it means that the owner has temporarily, or permanently, withdrawn public access. There is no parking for cars unless the specific description by the owner indicates parking.

Many of the paths are close to houses, and all of the paths are on private property. Access granted by owners is voluntary. Common sense and some general rules will help to keep the owners, who are your neighbors, happy.

Please read these rules:

  • use during daytime only
  • stay on the path
  • do not take flowers, branches, rocks or other souvenirs of your walk
  • take out what you take it … trash in, trash out
  • if an owner says pets are permitted, droppings should be cleaned up, barking should be minimal and the pet should remain with you at all times
  • preserve the quiet of the place, e.g. no boomboxes, shrieking, etc.
  • no smoking, cookouts, parties, bonfires or camping
  • think of what you would want if people were using your property!

View a Map of the St. George Neighborhood Access Trails!