Friends of St. George

Port Clyde Harbor & Marshall Point Lighthouse from  Access TrailOuter Harbor Neighborhood Access Trail ViewPeek Into Port Clyde Harbor & the Mouth of St. George River IslandsWooded Path to Sand Beach Neighborhood Access TrailMosquito Harbor Neighborhood Access TrailEnjoy the Open Blue from this Neighborhood Access Trail

A Shared Vision –
The Friends of Saint George Maine

The Friends of St. George is an organization dedicated to the preservation of, and public access to, the town’s beautiful places including undeveloped shore land, for scientific, educational, recreational and traditional uses by present and future generations. Our educational programs are essential to the realization of this vision.

We are a local organization made up of local people.
We depend on your interest and involvement.

Incorporated as Friends of St. George, 2002
Friends of St. George © 2009